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Saturday, August 13, 2005

The First Eclectic Post

Greetings. This blog has been started late at night, sort of by accident, to be honest. But that will not stop it from taking off as the hottest thing to hit the internet since

b)Denise Richards

(take your pick.)

What you can expect from it:

-thoughts on life
-humor (at least, I'll find it funny)
-political thinkings
-film posts
-a bunch of posts that will probably be read by (at most) four people, one of whom is you
-anything else existing in the eclectic mind of Leor Hackel. Which leaves a whole lot. I would sure want to be one of the three other people, if I were you.

I'm tired now. As I said, it's late at night. You can expect the first post here tomorrow. Or later.


Blogger El Dave said...

If I had a choice between not doing the no-pants-dance with her and doing the no-pants dance with her, I would choose the latter.

Same goes for Lindsay Lohan.

12:05 AM


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