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Sunday, August 14, 2005

To Think About

Thought of the Day:

Ok, so we're supposed to be spreading freedom and democracy in our War Against Terror--err--Struggle Against Radical Extremism, right? According to the White House, our enemies are fighting freedom, peace, and democracy, so it would seem that they want to spread tyrrany and oppression. A battle of ideals.

In that case, every time our government takes away some of our civil liberties, it would be giving the terrorists what they want, and helping them win. Hmm...

Perhaps if our government actually believes in freedom, it should encourage dissent, not want to shut it up.


Blogger El Dave said...

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12:08 AM

Blogger El Dave said...

Well, I disagree about the civil liberties thing. It's a fine, fine line. I mean, was Lincoln wrong to suspend Habeuous Corpus during the Civil War? Was FDR wrong to put Japanese-Americans in internment camps?
This is one of the never-ending battles that our country has with itself. However, if you look at the trend, you see us becoming more liberal.
That said, do I agree with Gitmo? No. Do I agree with the PATRIOT Act? No. Not because of the civil liberties aspect, but because they are ineffective.

12:10 AM

Blogger Leor Hackel said...

Yes, I think FDR was wrong to put Japanese-Americans in internment camps.

But he'll still be an amazing president in '08.

12:55 AM

Blogger Leor Hackel said...

Oh, and I don't mean just things like Guantanamo. I also mean the attitude that the citizens/the media questioning the government is unpatriotic, etc.

12:58 AM

Blogger El Dave said...

A couple of points:

1) You changed your name? Hmmm. Intriguing.

2) Totally agree with you on the citizen/media thing.

3) What do you think about Lincon and the Habeous Corpus thing?

4) When will the world see another post?

8:56 PM

Blogger Leor Hackel said...

1) Arthur Miller is still around

2) Not sure how I feel about habeus corpus

3) New post coming. And by "world", I assume you mean you?

1:11 AM

Blogger El Dave said...


The pamphleteer Thomas Paine once said, "These are the times that try men's souls." While he was refering to the American Revolution, we will use this phrase for our own purposes. How long will the world be denied a post from Monsuier Hackel? We cannot take this any longer. Our patience has been tried. We have warned you. As it says in the Quarn, "He who warns cannot be blamed." For every day you do not post again, we shall kill a citizen of Arizona. Perhpas this will be John McCain, perhaps not. The choice is yours, Mr. Hackel.

Best Regards,
The People's Popular Front for Hackel Posting (PPFHP)

11:15 PM


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